FMovies is one of the most popular streaming sites ever created. It started only with a database of movies and after it became probably the best source of free movies online, it started to expand and also uploaded tens of thousands of episodes from many tv shows of all times. A short time after this, it turned out to be a very good decision because millions of people were searching for tv series every month and at that time a big streaming site has been shutted down and their visitors where looking for an alternative site to replace it, FMovies being the perfect alternative at that moment. This incident have boosted FMovies's popularity up in the sky and since then it is recognized as one of the best streaming sites in the world.

Talking about the collection of movies and series available on FMovies, we can easily say it is one of the biggest that we've ever seen, including more than 10.000 movies and 60.000 episodes which is absolutely huge, keeping in mind the fact that it is a completely free website and it doesn't even require registration in order to watch movies here, so basically this site doesn't want anything from you, it's here just to offer the highest quality movies for free. As a bonus, FMovies is almost the only one site that added English subtitles to all its content which is dubbed in a foreign language and this thing have been rarely seen on such sites. It's clear that FMovies really cares about their visitors and want to offer the best experience while watching online movies.

We've seen many of you are asking in the comments sections or on forum topics about the legality of a site like this one. We want to make things clear and honestly we can say that FMovies and other similar sites are usually legit because they are not violating any laws in the majority of the world. How is this possible? FMovies and other streaming sites are not hosting any movies or series on their servers because that's illegal. Instead, they are taking mirror links from non-affiliate third parties (video hosting sites) who are hosting the video content and this is completely their responsibility. Sites like 123Movies, FMovies, CipFlix, ProjectFreeTV and others do not break any laws by simply sharing the movies as they do currently, unless they are not hosting anything on their servers they are completely legal. We hope the things are clear now for everybody.